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Ancient Maps how the Terrestrial Paradise

By False History


Looking at ancient maps reveals strange and beautiful things.

Below is a very old map made by Giovanni Leardo and is dated to 1442, almost 700 years ago.

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Before the 1500s, world maps showed east as north and west as south. Yes, the north pole was at a different location.

If I tilt the map, you’ll recognize some places:

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Historians say maps before the 1500s don’t show the Americas and Australia because they were later “discovered by Columbus”. That’s not true. What’s true: There were maps for the general public and those reserved for the elite. Also, the larger world, including the Americas, was flooded at the time. Once the waters receded, it was repopulated as “the new world”.

The antarctic or south pole (the east to the ancients) is a red colored region, perhaps because it’s been destroyed by this time (explained in previous articles).

A closer look reveals amazing things:

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On the left, the Black Sea. Above it is Mount Ararat and “Noah’s Ark”, so says the inscription. Besides the Black Sea you see Turkey and further to the right Jerusalem at the Mediterranean. This is so exciting to me. A few months ago, I realized that the “Great Flood” was not 10 000 years ago as I said in my older books, but much more recent.

“But if all the stuff they say in the Bible were more recent, you’d see it on maps” I was told. And here it is!

Sure, maybe the map shows where religious scripture tells us the ark landed. But maps of the “medieval times” consistently show other places from “biblical times” too. On this map we see an actual structure of the Ark on top of Mount Ararat, as if the site could be visited by tourists.

Another surprise: A cross atop the Jerusalem tower. According to mainstream, History the Christian occupation of Jerusalem ended in 1187 (Crusaders). In 1442, according to official History, Jerusalem was run by Muslims. Why is it still shown as Christian in 1442?


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