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Another time: weapons that were not useful in Ukraine

By Top War


Is the Northern Military District the largest conflict since 1945 or not?

Reflections in the article “Death of ATGM in Ukraine” on the pages of Military Review caused a mixed reaction from both the expert community and readers. The topic is interesting and pressing, and it is not at all limited to anti-tank missile systems.

The SVO forced a new look at many weapons systems, both in NATO countries and in Russia. A considerable amount of criticism was received in the article about the scale of events in the Northern Military District, which is the largest armed conflict since the Second World War.

Let’s try to understand this thesis in more detail.

The first and main difference from all previous conflicts is the front line. The Iran-Iraq war mentioned by commentators took place on the border of two states with a length of 1 km. In the Northern Military District, only the front line reaches 600 thousand kilometers. This does not take into account the borders of Ukraine with Belarus, where both sides are forced to maintain serious forces and equip a line of defense.

The second difference from previous events is the active use of the entire arsenal, from pistols to ballistic and hypersonic missiles. Not to mention cruise missiles. Iran and Iraq, if they used something similar (for example, ballistic R-17s), then on a completely different scale.

Come on.

In the Iran-Iraq war, only towards the end was it possible to seriously increase the number of troops – by the beginning of 1987, the enemy armies totaled 1,65 million people. Not all soldiers fought at the front, it should be noted. And the conflict between Iraq and Iran began with an army of 200 thousand and 290 thousand, respectively.

By the end of the second year of the Northern Military District, no less than 617 thousand military personnel participated on the Russian side alone. Of course, this number is constantly increasing – the flow of patriotic volunteers does not dry out. No less, if not more, is participating on the side of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. That is, in total, more than 1,2 million people are now fighting on the front of the Northern Military District. Taking into account the rotations and indirect involvement of military personnel in rear units, the number of troops involved on both sides can be safely increased to two million.

If we consider the Vietnam campaign of the United States as a guide, then it is necessary to understand the complete inequality of the opponents. Before the Yankee intervention, the North-South Vietnam War was, although bloody, a war of low intensity. When the United States entered the game, the battle between David and Goliath began. Even taking into account the support of the Soviet Union, North Vietnam was technically many times inferior to the American army, which could not but affect the ratio of losses between the parties. In the Northern Military District, Russia faced a fairly highly developed enemy, in many ways its equal. With a fundamental caveat: at the moment, the entire Ukrainian military machine is supported by Western assistance.

Based on the position that the Northern Military District is the largest armed conflict since 1945, the evolution of the weapons used is of particular interest. In particular, equipment that did not live up to expectations or was promptly replaced by other models weapons. This is also important because in the foreseeable future it is the air defense arsenal that defense departments around the world will focus on. As well as the tactics of using troops.

Minus weapon karma

The first candidates for departure are the high-altitude and relatively low-speed Bayraktar TB2.

The conflict in Ukraine clearly indicated the place of these persons. How well did the drums perform? drones in Nagorno-Karabakh, they turned out to be so unclear in the Northern Military District. With the exception, of course, of the very beginning of the special operation, when the parties to the conflict, so to speak, were getting used to each other…



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