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Article Claims Homeland Security Warned Emergency Services ‘Likely Target’ For Cyberattacks, Nationwide 911 Outages Reported Hours Later

By Danielle

Just hours before reports of nationwide 911 outagesABC News published an article saying the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) warned emergency services were the likely target of cyber-attackers.

DEVELOPING: 911 Outages Reportedly Impacting Entire State Of South Dakota, Spreading Nationwide

Coincidence, right?

Who really believes that?

“Calling 911 is meant to save lives. But the emergency service, and others like it, are also viewed as ripe targets for criminally minded cyber-attackers, according to a new federal assessment – and any vulnerability in those critical networks can expose victims to a multitude of dangerous ripple effects,” ABC News said Wednesday.

“The analysis, compiled by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and obtained by ABC News, outlines concerns that the Emergency Service Sector can be exploited and mined for sensitive data, in turn hampering medical and law enforcement services and posing an ongoing threat to personal information and public safety,” the outlet wrote.

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