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Bannon Identifies The First Deep State Operative America Should Prosecute: ‘Going To Come And Get You’

By michael


Steve Bannon, host of the popular podcast, “War Room,” who once served as former President Donald Trump’s campaign manager, discussed on an episode of his program on Saturday the recent CNN interview with former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe, in which he said that members of the intelligence community are worried they will be tossed in the slammer if Trump wins another term in the White House.

According to a report from RealClearPolitics, Bannon was sentenced to a total of four months in prison, a term that is set to begin on July 1, for contempt of Congress after he refused to make an appearance in front of the January 6th committee, which was heavily loaded toward the left end on the political spectrum.

“McCabe, you were the deputy at the American Gestapo, and you are going to suffer the consequences,” Bannon went on to say during “War Room.”

“Accountability Day starts at noon on January 20, 2025.”
“These are smart people; they know the law. Hell, he was the deputy [director] of the FBI, they know the laws they broke. And here’s the thing McCabe, we’re going to have access to everything,” Bannon continued during the program. “Oh, these are ‘torturous conversations?’ Well, if you didn’t do anything wrong, then they wouldn’t be torturous conversations…


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