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Berlin Radio Station broadcasts frequency drug

By False History


This article was written in 2002 by Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf, in a now out-of-print magazine.

Excerpts translated by Fred Dodson.


A dangerous precedent is set in the middle of Germany. In Berlin, large unsuspecting groups were exposed to a frequency drug. The radio stations statement on this are contradictory.

The Chronology of the Events

31. December 2001, 6p.m. Berlin.

At this time the Berlin radio stations 94.3 RS2 begins, submitting a non-audible frequency signal to its music, the so-called happiness frequency.

Thousands of Berliners are preparing for their New Year’s Eve party and have their radios running in the background…

Most of them don’t understand why they start feeling more and more happy.

This day marks the beginning of a new era. For the first time, technological mind-control is done publicly.

31.December 2001, 8pm, Berlin.

At Paris Square in front of the Brandenburger Gate hundreds of thousands of people are slowly gathering for the New Year Eve party. The live bands are taking a break so the RS2 program is broadcast all over the place.

Those well-informed could have known what was being broadcast here because on the day before RS2 published a press release on it:

“The private Berlin radio station 94.3 RS2 will be broadcasting a happiness signal on all FM frequencies across Berlin and Brandenburg from 6pm to 2am. There will be a 3 second break of the signal at every traffic announcement. Our program director Stephan Hampe says that with very sensitive speakers you might be able to hear it…


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