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Biden Admin Is Reportedly Bribing Israel to Not Invade Rafah

Sarah Arnold
By Sarah Arnold 

The Biden Administration is reportedly bribing Israel to not invade Rafah after the president faced criticism for withholding vital weapons from the Jewish state. 

A Washington Post report revealed that President Joe Biden’s administration is offering Israel valuable intelligence on the location of Hamas leaders and the group’s hidden tunnels if it refrains from attacking Rafah. This includes sensitive information that would help the Israeli military locate Hamas leaders. 

The Biden Administration’s deal also includes providing thousands of shelters so that Israel can build tent cities, as well as providing assistance in the construction of delivery systems for food, water, and medicine so that Palestinians escaping Rafah could have a place to live. 

Biden aides are stressing to their Israeli counterparts that Palestinians cannot simply be moved to barren or bombarded parts of Gaza, but that Israel must provide basic infrastructure — including shelter, food, water, medicine, and other necessities — so that those who are evacuated will have livable conditions and not simply be exposed to additional famine or disease. 

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