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Biden explodes claim abortions are needed for women’s ‘mental health’

By Bob Unruh


‘It would be incredibly unethical’

One of the arguments the abortion industry in America has used for years to support its demand for unlimited abortion is that it’s needed for a woman’s “mental health.”

The Biden administration just exploded that claim.

“And when a woman comes in with some grave mental health emergency, if she happens to be pregnant, it would be incredibly unethical to terminate her pregnancy. She might not be in a position to give any informed consent. Instead, the way you treat mental health emergency is to address what’s happening in the brain. If you’re having a psychotic episode, you administer antipsychotics,” explained Joe Biden’s solicitor general Elizabeth Prelogar.

The American Center for Law and Justice noted the comment came before the Supreme Court in arguments over a lawsuit over the Biden administration’s claim that emergency room physicians must do abortion on demand – irrespective of their own beliefs and state law.

The ACLJ explained, “Joe Biden has been called the most pro-abortion president in history, and understandably so. Yet every now and then something slips out from his administration that crosses up the pro-abortion narrative, such as when Biden referred to choosing ‘to abort a child’ instead of using some more obscure term like ‘fetus’ or ‘pregnancy.'”

The report said it is Prelogar’s comments that are getting attention.

“Prelogar, the Biden administration’s top Supreme Court advocate, made the point in a Supreme Court case involving the Biden administration’s attempt to override Idaho’s abortion ban using a federal statute, the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act,” the report said…



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