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Biden Is Trying One Last Thing to Prevent Israel’s All-Out Invasion of Rafah

Matt Vespa
By Matt Vespa 

Joe Biden has been trying to influence the Israelis for months, albeit behind the scenes. We’re not attuned to his superb grasp of foreign policy, which has been so successful in these talks that we know almost everything about this circus. The president couldn’t sway the Israelis, which led to threats of US support being pulled from Israel over this operation in Hamas’ last stronghold in Gaza.

Biden was a targeted dismantling of the terror group. Israel is preparing to go in heavy, something the president doesn’t want over civilian casualty concerns. The IDF has been warning Palestinian civilians to leave for days. They’ve also offered Hamas ceasefire agreements for months, all of which were rejected by the terror group. Now, we’re withholding military aid as the IDF starts the initial phase of the Rafah operation.

Humiliated on all fronts, Biden is offering the Israelis vital intelligence on Hamas hideouts for Israel to construct targeted strike packages, with promises of aid that would be allocated to help shelter, clothe, and feed the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians that will be dislodged during the ground war (via WaPo):

The Biden administration, working urgently to stave off a full-scale Israeli invasion of Rafah, is offering Israel valuable assistance if it holds back, including sensitive intelligence to help the Israeli military pinpoint the location of Hamas leaders and find the group’s hidden tunnels, according to four people familiar with the U.S. offers.

American officials have also offered to help provide thousands of shelters so Israel can build tent cities — and to help with the construction of delivery systems for food

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