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Biden Makes Truly Strange, Snippy Comment Coming Out of Church in Delaware for Mother’s Day

By Nick Arama


Joe Biden has been in Delaware for the past couple of days after he took a quick trip to the West Coast trying to raise money for his presidential campaign. Must be hard asking for money while lying about your opponent, plagiarizing him, and confusing who the leader of South Korea is. So, he probably needed to rest up a bit.

The Biden staff has been working hard lately to prevent the media from being able to get questions into Biden to avoid him making the strange comments he sometimes mumbles in such encounters and to prevent them from taking video of his stilted gait.

But somehow on Sunday, the media caught him coming out of church with just his granddaughter and the Secret Service in sight. Someone on the staff messed up there. So, the media was able to get a question in about Mother’s Day. Not exactly a hard-hitting question. But it still appeared to rub Biden the wrong way and tick him off a bit.

“How did you celebrate Mother’s Day, Mr. President?” one asked. 

I prayed for you all,” Biden said. “You need help,” he then smirked.  

He realized he should say something about Mother’s Day, “Those of you who are mothers, happy Mother’s Day.”

Then he climbed slowly into the SUV and took off. There was another question about the Russian offensive but it wasn’t clear that he heard it. 

Now what did he mean with the creepy comment about “praying for you all, you need help?” Is that a smack at the media, whom he often regards as an irritant? Is he ticked off they got through and dared ask a softball question? It’s funny he finds them so offensive when they largely don’t press him…



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