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Biden’s Comment About Trump in Burnett Interview Has Everyone Talking About Dems and ‘Small Ds’

By Nick Arama 


Joe Biden did an interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett that was released on Wednesday, and I think it’s safe to say it had some truly wild moments. 

As I reported, Biden just denied all reality when Burnett dropped some economic realities on him. He even lied about inflation saying it was 9 percent when he came in. Then he also finally confirmed the reports, saying he would not provide weapons to Israel if they were going to be used to take out Hamas in Rafah and he also falsely accused Israel of going after “population centers.”

He said, “It’s just wrong.”

That’s insane to cut off an ally right in the middle of the final push against terrorists, particularly after weapons aid had just been approved by Congress. He’s doing it at least in part to appeal to the left to help himself in the election and that’s a despicable reason.

He also looked absolutely awful, struggled throughout the interview, and made some weird comments including about protesters not being real, but saying he gave Holocaust remarks, which made no sense.

But there was one final comment that had everyone talking and that was what Biden said about former President Donald Trump. He referenced Jan. 6 and got confused about the date again, first saying something about Sept. 7. Then he tried to insult Trump, “The guy is not a Democrat with a small D!” …



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