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Biden’s Hometown Says ‘No’ to Joe


Scranton, PA, best known as the location of the hit TV sitcom series “The Office,” is also the hometown of President Joe Biden.

FACT-O-RAMA! Biden lived in Scranton for the first ten years of his life. “The Office” lasted nine seasons and yet is more recognizable for the town than Joe Biden is. When in town, I highly recommend the Houdini Museum.

The UK’s Daily Mail has an exclusive report involving 25 Scranton residents, seven of whom were willing to be recorded (only one of whom backed Biden) on how they feel about the man, the Sith, Gropey Joe Biden.

“I was in better shape when Trump was in office,” claimed Sean, a former Democrat who lives two houses away from Biden’s childhood house. He also mentioned he is making less cheddar now than he was before Biden “won” the 2020 election.

“Groceries are way too high,” Sean continued. “Gas is ridiculous. There’s a lot of different things but honestly, I don’t trust the Democratic Party anymore.”


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