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Biden’s regulatory agenda is poison for economy

 Quin Hillyer, Commentary Writer

A new document released by the Biden administration again leads to the conclusion that the easiest identifier of modern self-styled “progressives” is that they really, really want to run other people’s lives.

Each year, the U.S. president must release a Unified Regulatory Agenda for purposes of public transparency and “to provide for coordination of regulations .” Among the legal requirements for the agenda is to identify all new “economically significant” proposed rules, meaning those that will cost the economy at least $100 million per year to implement.

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One Comment

  1. Doug Hegre Doug Hegre January 8, 2023

    And it certainly appears that now, the “majority” of American citizens “Want” the government to give and do for them as well. Sadly, with that kind of thinking, we are doomed for failure. We have less than 2 years to turn the tide or I seriously doubt we can continue as the United States of America.

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