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Bill Gates Investing Heavily in mRNA Technology — Are Taxpayers Helping Him?



Bill Gates has a long history of investing in mRNA technology and firms active in this sphere. But would these investments have been possible without U.S. government — or taxpayer — support of mRNA research?

According to Sasha Latypova, a former pharmaceutical industry executive with 25 years of experience in pharmaceutical research and development, Gates’ investments in the mRNA field — and the profits he has reaped — were made possible by U.S. government and military funding of bioweapons research.

Latypova told The Defender that “mRNA is entirely funded and pushed on the market under military contracts and funding. It is represented as ‘defensive’ activity in order to skirt the Bioweapons Convention, which prohibits making offensive bioweapons.”

According to Latypova, “The Pentagon came up with the cover story of ‘pandemic preparedness’ in order to fund on a large scale the making of biological poisons and related systems, including making them at scale.”

As a result of this research, Gates has invested in companies actively pursuing mRNA technology — and continues to invest in those companies today.

One mRNA company Gates has an interest in — Aldevron — has operations in Nebraska, North Dakota and Wisconsin, where research universities have long conducted mRNA research.

Gates also has amassed significant holdings of farmland in these states.

Experts who spoke with The Defender said that Gates may be looking to wield significant influence in those states through his investments and land ownership.

Immunologist and biochemist Jessica Rose, Ph.D., said, “The farmland … could be a part of an ongoing plan for a global control/power grab” by Gates…



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