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Blame Game: Judge Merchan Tells Trump Defense They Should Have Objected More to Stormy Daniels’ Testimony

By Bob Hoge 


Judge Juan Merchan allowed porn performer Stormy Daniels to babble on at length about her alleged affair with Donald Trump, including salacious details that would seem to have little relevance to whether the former president falsified business records, which is what Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s prosecution is allegedly about.

It became so ridiculous that jurors reportedly had trouble keeping straight faces and were even smirking.

Although Merchan refused to call a mistrial Tuesday as requested by the Trump team, even he admitted that too much irrelevant information was allowed and that the witness, Daniels, was “difficult to control.”

“There are some things that would have been better left unsaid,” he admitted. She also was apparently caught once again telling falsehoods:

In her book “Full Disclosure” Stormy said that while talking to Gloria Allred she denied having a romantic relationship with Trump, but Daniels testified that she told Allred otherwise.

When presented with the book, Daniels was speechless for a moment before saying “I denied it in a phone conversation, but when I met her in person I told her everything.”

This case is such a joke.  Why can’t they put it on TV so we can all laugh at Alvin Bragg and his witnesses?

Merchan later shirked responsibility for the clown show and blamed defense lawyers at least partly for her prejudicial testimony…



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