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BREAKING: HHS Suspends Funding of EcoHealth Alliance


Investigations Continue Into The Origins

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On Wednesday, May 15th, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) accepted the Select Subcommittee’s recommendation to formerly debar EcoHealth Alliance. HHS will immediately implement a government-wide suspension of U.S. taxpayer funds to EcoHealth — including a hold on all active grants.


Remember those of us, such as myself, who were calling out EcoHealth in 2020? Meanwhile, four and a half years later, the Cuomos, Birx, Refield, and other government officials suddenly admitted that vaccine injuries exist. Somehow now, Youtube is allowing the supposed faces of truth to tell you what people like me have been sounding the alarm way before the damn clot shot was even available.

People like myself have lost so much. Do you have any respect for our balls and foresight? Others in the Not-So-Obvious Establishment are credited with being courageous and cutting-edge.


As I’ve mentioned on Substack, the Overton Window is in motion. We are inching our way to a lab leak, albeit accidental, versus admitting we are dealing with a purposeful engineered bioweapon. Government officials want to blame China and make them the boogie man when it’s global elitists who love scientism and who have been messing with viruses for decades…


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