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BREAKING Report: Detroit Used Defective Ballot Boxes In 2020 Election Despite Warning Stickers: “Not approved for use as a ballot container”…”You could shove papers right through the back of them”

By Patty McMurray

By now, most of America knows that when it comes to voting, Detroit is one of the most corrupt cities in America.

Thugs, which included paid election workers and scores of outside agitators at the TCF Center in Detroit, were used to distract, threaten, bully and intimidate GOP and Independent poll workers. At the same time, in the wee hours of the morning, boxes of ballots were delivered in an unmarked van filled with ballots that appeared in a back hallway of the largest absentee ballot counting center in Michigan.

After winning the election in 2016, Michigan residents witnessed Donald Trump’s popularity explode in their state. Rallies were larger, more Trump signs appeared in front yards across the state, and Trump flags and banners were everywhere. Miles of boats lined up for Trump boat parades in the Great Lakes State. Trump, who could see the enthusiasm for his campaign exploding in Michigan, once again chose Grand Rapids, MI as his final campaign stop of the season. Cars lined up for over 6 miles to get into the venue, and once inside, Trump supporters waited in line for over one mile. Meanwhile, Joe Biden skipped the state in favor of campaigning from his basement.

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