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British Military Facilities in the Russia Army’s Sight. Moscow Nuclear Drills as Message to Western


Russia may strike Britain’s military facilities if London’s threats materialize — MFA

Russia has the right to strike British facilities in Ukraine and outside that country, if London’s threats Kiev may carry out attacks with British weapons on Russian territory materialize, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has told TASS.

“If such a scenario is implemented, our country, Russia, reserves the right to respond accordingly, that is, to regard as targets British facilities located both in Ukraine and outside its borders: military facilities, weapons and so on,” Zakharova said.

She described British Foreign Secretary David Cameron’s remark that London considered it legitimate for the Kiev regime to use British weapons for strikes on Russian territory as “something absolutely insane.”

“This statement is not only illegitimate, but also illogical, because Britain itself stated literally the opposite not so long ago,” Zakharova said.

“You remember how the controversy evolved. This statement first appeared in the news feed of a British news agency. Then, after staying there for two hours it was removed. The whole article with Cameron’s statements was removed,” Zakharova noted. “And a few hours later, apparently after some verbal battles that were going on, I’m sure, at Downing Street 10, at the Foreign Office and at headquarters of Reuters itself, it was decided not to sacrifice the reputation of the British news agency and but to publish the phrase that was actually pronounced.”

“We reacted immediately. The appropriate reaction was presented to the world through diplomatic channels. The ambassador was summoned. In fact, Russia did not just summon him for a reprimand, but absolutely unambiguously responded to the British ambassador over the statements in question the way we did,” Zakharova said…



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