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Brownouts And Blackouts On The Way? Biden’s Goes Green – China Ramps Up Coal Production



Steve Milloy, a senior legal fellow at the Energy and Environment Legal Institute, went on record with Breitbart News to discuss his concern about the Biden administration pushing solar and wind-sourced electricity. Moving away from coal and natural gas and continuing to undermine fossil fuel production and consumption weakens our power grid.

He says if we continue on this course, blackouts and brownouts, like those in California and Texas, will become broader electricity shortages across America. Texas has had issues because even Republicans have joined in and relied more on unreliable green technologies.

Milloy pointed to “green energy” being a nonsensical neologism invented to mislead the public. Making them believe renewable energy sources are environmentally better.

“This ‘clean’ or ‘green energy’ future, I hate when people use those words, because they have no meaning,” 



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