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How The NWO Cabal Took Down South Africa

Cabal’s Covert Plan To Purge South Africa Of White People

Translated from Afrikaans: Author Anonymous

During Former British Ambassador to South Africa, Robin Renwick’s tenure, former President De Klerk surrendered to the ANC, and he was also one of the key players at the Lancaster House talks leading to Robert Mugabe’s takeover of the former Rhodesia. In the interview with Business Day, Renwick reveals some covert British actions he undertook. Initially, he worked closely with Helen Suzman and recently published a biography about Suzman. His plan from the start was to get Nelson Mandela released and have the ANC take over the country and its economy. He also mentions in the video that he coached Nelson Mandela to make a good impression on Mrs. Thatcher, for example.

There were also other covert British operations at the time, with or without the official approval of the government. Among these was a money laundering operation in St. Paul’s Cathedral that channeled money to terrorists in South Africa. Canon Collins was at the head of it. In an article in The Guardian on February 12, 2001, “I was a teenage gun runner,” Stuart Round explains how he smuggled weapons, including AK47s, into South Africa. The weapons were later collected by Muff Anderson at the Eastgate shopping center in Bedfordview, Johannesburg, and distributed among South African blacks. Several tons of weapons were thus brought across our borders and are likely used today in farm murders and other attacks on SA whites. Muff Anderson did receive amnesty from Bishop Tutu’s Truth Commission for her part in the arms smuggling.

Further back in history, there is a book “Bird on a Wing” by Allan Bird, which explains how the same British psychiatrist treated both David Pratt and Dimitri Tsafendas. Verwoerd was unpopular in Britain for two reasons: He took South Africa out of the Commonwealth and declared it a republic. He aimed to strengthen the country’s sovereignty and began to bolster its armed forces, a policy later continued by PW Botha as Defense Minister. Harry Oppenheimer was the contact person who arranged Verwoerd’s assassination through his (((Carnegie- contacts))) in a so-called “Lone Nut” black operation. Verwoerd was subsequently assassinated by Tsafendas, and in 1989, there was also an assassination attempt on PW Botha’s life when he was poisoned. Strong suspicions point to De Klerk and Pik Botha being responsible. Afterwards, the media claimed he had a “stroke attack,” but to his family and friends, PW Botha stated that he was poisoned. Medical specialists also confirmed it.

“About 2002, 2 men arrived at our home in the Wilderness. They came to apologize to my husband for being present when his elimination was discussed. They withdrew, as they did not want to be part of his assassination. A poison was used which was procured from Russia and put into his tea after his horse ride one morning. His secretary brought him his tea. It manifested as a stroke, which his brain did not reflect after a scan.” – Elize Botha.

In his video interview with Peter Bruce of Business Day, Lord Robin Renwick states that he “could not work with PW Botha” and therefore had already started speaking with FW de Klerk even before Botha was removed. The question now is: Why focus on De Klerk if you do not already know that Botha is going to be eliminated?

During the so-called “Apartheid” years – (“Apartheid” is a term specifically created by the British media to create a centralized core so that they could build a propaganda campaign to demonize white governance around the term) – the British secret service, MI6, conducted MANY covert operations through their so-called “NGOs” in South Africa, especially through the PAC, to incite blacks to riot and burn down schools and clinics.

MI6 operated especially in black areas to cause chaos in the country through marches and thus make the country ungovernable. (((Harry Oppenheimer))) was also a key channel that financed both the ANC and PFP to bring down the white government. The assassination of Eugene Terreblanche is also strongly questioned regarding British involvement in getting rid of prominent Afrikaner leaders, thus keeping the Afrikaner people divided and suppressing Afrikaner nationalism.

The ANC (as well as DA and EFF) are still controlled by British financial forces to specifically finance laws and actions against white Afrikaners. BEE and AA laws are also endorsed by Britain against the white Afrikaner to completely force them out of the job market and impoverish them under the guise of “Black Empowerment.” The law has nothing to do with “black empowerment”; the covert goal is primarily to impoverish the white population and prevent new white businesses and initiatives from emerging that might challenge British dominance, especially at military and political resistance levels. The South African information contingents and South African Police are primarily used for this purpose in cooperation with the judiciary. To neutralize political resistance, pseudo “Boer Organizations” and “Political Parties” are established that supposedly stand for the Afrikaner’s cause but in reality serve as “lightning rods” to further divide Afrikaner nationalism.

Britain was one of the major beneficiaries of the arms scandal. Yskor and ABSA also fell into their lap. Lakshmi Mittal, the Indian who is a friend of Tony Blair, acquired Yskor for free and with it built a global empire in the steel industry. Add to that BP and Vodacom, which has since been taken over by Vodafone, as well as Anglo American and Old Mutual which moved to London. There are Britons involved in the propaganda against Afrikaner farmers, and Britain supports radical land reform. Afrikaners and whites must lose all property except perhaps suburban houses. For the wealthier whites, the door to Australia is open where the next generation of Afrikaners will be completely Anglicized, while the poorer whites here will either be exterminated or assimilated through intermarriage with coloureds and blacks.

Just as Britain and the USA at one point supported and trained Al Qaeda, Britain especially continues to support the most radical factions in South Africa, such as Malema. The British media, especially the BBC, which is a mere extension of the British government and the British secret service, builds up Malema as the next “Great Black Leader,” just as Renwick and others did for Mandela before him.

The other day Malema said on Radio 702 that the EFF is “preparing for guerrilla warfare.” One wonders who will provide the training for that? The British weapons that Stuart Round and Muff Anderson brought into the country are still somewhere available to attack farmers and other whites. The ANC never handed over those underground weapons to the state and its organs. (But all whites had to hand in their weapons!)

Just as in the Middle East, Britain will thus support the most radical faction in South Africa to sow chaos and have frightened whites emigrate in droves. The Rhodesia/Zimbabwe scenario provides the blueprint for what will happen here. As disorder in South Africa increases, more and more whites will in any case be murdered and raped, increasing the feeling of terror. Remember, the “People’s War” was the ANC-SACP strategy with which they gained support from the black masses. There is a strong suspicion that Julius Malema was in Britain two weeks before the election to receive his orders from his British handlers. What we are dealing with now is that Britain finances the ANC, DA, and EFF through their bankers to firmly place South Africa under British control.

In the case of blacks, violence such as necklace murders was committed to establish the ANC’s authority over the country’s blacks. Violence against whites is intended to terrify them, as Mao Zedong did. Right now, a street in Pretoria is being renamed after Mao, which tells us to what extent the ANC-SACP (and the British!) are aware of his techniques. The terror against SA whites did not stop in 1994; it simply continues in new forms.

Already during the Anglo-Boer War, Britain wanted to completely destroy the Afrikaner and there was indeed a genocide plan on the table. Also, the rapes on Boer women, which have been silenced for years, were part of Britain’s plan to completely eliminate Afrikaners as a people and a competitive group in South Africa.

How will Britain benefit from a Malema takeover and general economic chaos in the country? As whites and educated people flee the country, it will create a demand for “consultants” and experts, all of whom will be flown in at great expense from England. British aid organizations like Oxfam, active all over Africa, will come here to provide food to the population and thereby also gain control.

Because South Africa is an industrial country, the functioning of the system will still require technical skills, which will be provided by England. Also, the mines will change hands for next to nothing. Amidst food shortages, the miners will not be able to ask for such high wages and possibly Zimbabweans could be employed in the SA mines to work for an apple and an egg, just like in the old days.

In any case, the border between Zimbabwe and South Africa has already been abolished, something for which the English churches in South Africa have purposefully advocated. The English churches are, apart from the BBC and Oxfam, another front organization of the British government. We have seen how the Anglican Church laundered money for the terrorist movement in South Africa. The prominent role played by Desmond Tutu of the Anglican Church in the propaganda against local whites is evident. Abolishing the border between South Africa and Zimbabwe was a goal of Britain so that the South African identity could be further blurred.

The table is thus set for the second revolution, which will drive whites out of the country so that South Africa can become a colony of Britain again, with dependent, corrupt, and highly bribable black politicians governing the country. The problem with the white presence in the country is that we still keep the institutions and the economy functional, which also makes the ANC regime less dependent on Britain for assistance and expertise because it still receives a trillion rand in taxes every year. Some of Verwoerd’s old sovereignty has therefore remained.

Other leaders who wanted to defend the sovereignty of their countries like Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi were summarily deposed and killed by Britain and America. As long as the corrupt oligarchy governing SA is willing to dance to the British tune, they will be able to survive in relative luxury. The problem is that the time for whites in South Africa is over. They stand unwittingly in the way of greater British control over the country. Therefore, they will be mercilessly purged from South Africa. The propaganda work for this has already been done by England. It just comes down to executing the plan.

(Note: It should also be noted that America was in significant financial trouble before 1994… and that South Africa’s gold reserves in the Reserve Bank could partially eliminate these financial problems. For this reason, the Reserve Bank simply had to be looted to assist the American economy – at the expense of the whites in South Africa. Unfortunately for the Wall Street Jews, PW Botha stood in the way and did not want to play along. He was partly too “patriotic.” That is the reason why Robin Renwick told De Klerk he “could not work with PW Botha” – because Botha was not amenable to the devil’s plan.

That is also the reason why Botha had to be murdered to get him out of the way – he stood in the way of the Jewish bankers. In De Klerk, the Jewish bankers had the PERFECT Trojan horse…he was COMPLETELY amenable to being bribed because of his close ties with the Afrikaner Broederbond.

The liberal press – especially the “Vrye Weekblad” driven by Max Du Preez and financed by the PFP (Oppenheimer) – launched a hate campaign and disinformation propaganda smear campaign against P.W. Botha and “right-wing” whites. Pik Botha kept the NP “in line” – he was an NWO agent – and Tienie Groenewald as well as Piet Koornhof were recruited to play along to “neutralize” Constant Viljoen and the military. Many top military generals were immediately thereafter sidelined by De Klerk to prevent a possible coup. The National Party as a whole was a British creation – and TOTALLY on the British payroll. The CP (front organization) was ALSO established by Britain as a “refuge” for conservative whites to further divide white nationalism for those who stood against the NP regime. The only PURE white nationalist party was that of Jaap Marais. The entire setup before and after CODESA was a TOTAL diabolical conspiracy between America, Britain, and the South African National Party.

The South African intelligence service under the control of Neil Van Heerden also helped with the handover to the communist ANC regime. The Helderberg flight was also sabotaged to get rid of some of South Africa’s top nuclear physicists who were on the flight – and Capt. Dawie Uys was forced to pilot the flight -(he was already retired and thus “expendable”)- by threatening harm to his family if he refused. At JFK airport, the CIA had already planted the highly flammable substance on the plane and built in a timer to explode over a specific place over the ocean where it is deep and would be difficult to find to erase all traces for aviation investigators. Cecil Margo, another Jew, was paid to conduct the investigation into the air disaster and provide a finding that would suit the Jews and in no way point to deliberate sabotage or a conspiracy. Immediately after PW Botha’s forced “abdication,” De Klerk, Pik Botha (in collaboration with the American Secretary of State Chester Crocker, the British secret service, the CIA, and the ANC) – illegally stole more than 4 billion rand of gold and funneled it through CITI bank to America – thus already bankrupting South Africa because there were no gold reserves left to support the rand.

The English are still vigorously engaged in a war against the white population in South Africa. This fact can be attributed to the South African-born Brit, Rob Haydn Davis (Born 12 May 1948), Minister of Trade and Industry of the ANC, who is doing everything in his power to drive the last white out of the job market and thus economically impoverish them. Davis left South Africa from 1979 to 1990 due to his communist political outlook on life. He studied in Britain at Rhodes, South Hampton, and Sussex universities. He is also a member of the Central Committee and the Politburo of the South African Communist Party. Davis’s animosity towards whites in South Africa is well known. Davis operates with a dual agenda to eradicate whites – and one can only guess who gives him his orders. Coupled with the ANC’s sustained pressure to push through the “expropriation law” to rob whites of all their property, we can see that the British plan to eradicate whites in South Africa is nearing completion. With more than 600,000 whites already in squatter camps, more than 1 million already having left the country, and more to follow, the plan of British “purification” of whites in South Africa is nearly complete.

The best option for whites in South Africa is not to get involved in any political party regardless of how “righteous” and “patriotic” their promises and “mandates” sound but rather to form groups with people they can trust and work together for a common goal and thus establish a microeconomy within the framework of a macroeconomy. #Furthermore, whites must start standing together and working together very seriously – and very importantly – immediately expose dubious members and organizations within their communities that are positively identified as police agents and traitors, to remove the cancer from their midst.

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  1. Jan Malherbe Jan Malherbe March 24, 2024

    Exellent! You are dead on the money,but remember when you say Britain thus and thus, you actually mean Jew controlled Britain, Britain has been anti white at the behest of the Jews since the days of Cromwell!

  2. Tony Tony March 25, 2024

    Very inciteful information. Add’s a lot more to what I have learned, and much of your information is correct, except for Project Hammer taking a LOT more gold than a few billion. It is more in a few Trillion.
    Either way.. the British Gov (+Mi6)… US (Zinionsts+CIA).. Israel Zionists and several others in the 3 Tri-Globalist Cities (DC, London, Vatican).. all have their dirty paws in all our countries… and will soon pay a big price. BRICS will see to it.

    • Zelda Deetlefs Zelda Deetlefs March 28, 2024

      Agree 100% with you!

  3. Zelda Deetlefs Zelda Deetlefs March 28, 2024

    Excellent! Very informative and true!

  4. Swordslinger Swordslinger April 1, 2024

    If you want to understand what is happening here in the US….. just sayin

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