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California Coastal Fire Burning Down Homes, Forcing Hundreds of Evacuations

by Naveen Athrappully

A bushfire in California has ravaged the coastal regions of Orange County, burning through several homes and forcing hundreds of citizens to evacuate to safer areas.

The fire began on Wednesday afternoon at around 2:45 p.m. at the Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park and quickly spread over 200 acres of land. It then spread to Laguna Niguel in Los Angeles, one of the richest neighborhoods in the state, and ripped through mansions. As of Thursday, 20 homes have been destroyed, with 11 more damaged. Around 900 homes are under evacuation orders.

“When we reached the top, we saw the full scale of how big the fire was and witnessed how quickly it was spreading,” Laguna Niguel resident Allan Aguilera said to CNN. “There were tons of people in the area doing the same, watching the fire before the winds changed and began pushing the flames closer and closer. At that point, we decided to leave and go prepare for potential evacuation.”…

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