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California is extorting students into vaccination

By Pandra Selivanov


The state of California has decided to end its mask mandate.  Well, that’s not quite true.  For inscrutable reasons, California’s children, the least likely to spread COVID or be seriously sickened by it, must still wear their masks.

This new mask policy will take place today (February 15, 2022).  There is no discernible reason for choosing this particular date.  There is no new science that favors ending mask mandates, but then there was never any real science that favored mask mandates in the first place.  Since the decision to force Californians to cover their faces was completely arbitrary, it seems fitting that a decision to free Californians from masks should also be completely arbitrary.  Were it not for the concomitant decision to keep children in masks while they attend school, most people would probably just breathe a sigh of relief with well deserved fresh air and get on with their lives.

Sadly, the state government has chosen to continue to muzzle children, in the most literal sense.  It was all right for Super Bowl fans to crowd into a stadium by the thousands without masks.  Nobody seemed to be concerned that the game was the ultimate super-spreader event.  Of course, Super Bowl fans shelled out incredible sums of money, for tickets and merchandise, not to mention all the trade they brought to local businesses and the many hotels they stayed at.



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