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CDC Publishes Official Study That Says There Is No Link To Covid Vaccination And Sudden Cardiac Death

by Jacob M. Thompson


Last week the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published an official study that claims there is no verifiable to link to the rise of sudden cardiac deaths and the Covid-19 vaccines.

Published on April 11th, the study is titled “Assessment of Risk for Sudden Cardiac Death Among Adolescents and Young Adults After Receipt of COVID-19 Vaccine — Oregon, June 2021–December 2022.”

The CDC examined a number of reported myocarditis deaths since Covid vaccines were broadly administered in the beginning of 2021, which looked at the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) as their source material, recognizing an influx of these case reports after a patient received a Covid vaccine.

To assess this, the CDC isolated case files from Oregon, males and females aged 16–30 years who died during June 2021–December 2022 for cardiac or undetermined causes of death.

Long story short, the CDC claims the mRNA vaccines are not to blame.

No death certificate attributed death to vaccination. These data do not support an association between receipt of mRNA COVID-19 vaccine and sudden cardiac death among previously healthy young persons. COVID-19 vaccination is recommended for all persons aged ≥6 months to prevent COVID-19 and complications, including death.

The CDC wrote in their abstract

The CDC went on to highlight some of these case reports, such as one male who died “in a natural manner” three weeks after getting vaccinated, and whose “death certificate” [listed] congestive heart failure attributed to hypertension” as the official cause of death. Another male, who died 45 days after vaccination, was listed as an “undetermined natural cause” on his certificate, with the CDC adding that “the medical examiner could neither confirm nor exclude a vaccine-associated adverse event as a cause of death for this decedent.”

The same results for the women were similar to the men’s, the CDC purports; citing a woman whose deaths was recorded as “natural,” and went “listed as undetermined but as a consequence of chronic respiratory failure with hypoxia attributed to mitral stenosis.”

The CDC concluded their study by noting:

Although the rate was higher during the pandemic year of 2021, myocarditis remained an infrequent cause of death among persons in this age group.†† Detection of a small difference in mortality rate from myocarditis would require a larger sample size…


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