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CNN Analyst Visibly Shocked By Trump’s Massive Lead: ‘My God!’

By Mark Steffen


CNN’s latest coverage of the presidential election has become the news equivalent of a five-alarm fire.

Hours after longtime host Fareed Zakaria begged President Joe Biden on his Sunday show to “turn things around,” analyst Harry Enten broke down the latest poll numbers from NYT/Sienna showing the Democratic incumbent badly training former President Donald Trump in key swing states that are expected to decide the election. Among them: Trump leads Biden by 9% in Georgia, ground zero to the disputed 2020 presidential results and two stunning U.S. Senate wins by Democrats that year. Arizona, another close loss for Trump four years ago, now favors him by 6% among likely voters.

“These numbers are an absolute disaster… 13 in Nevada? My goodness God!” said Enten. “No Democrat has lost that state since John Kerry lost it back in 2004. Results for Biden were no much better among the Great Lakes states where Trump leads Biden by 3% in Pennsylvania, 1% in Wisconsin, and remains just 1% behind in Michigan. However, “this they can work with,” he added before pointing back to the Sun Belt results. “This the Donald Trump campaign absolutely loves, and it looks like a lot of other polling.”

Demographic changes in the Trump coalition may explain the difference. Sun Belt states, home to a more working class and diverse swath of non-white voters, especially with Hispanic heritage, now give Trump 19% support compared to 13% four years ago. At the same time, the Republican’s support among white voters has dipped to 78% from 84%. “Those Sun Belt battleground states are more diverse than the Great Lake battleground states,” explained the analyst…



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