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Dartmouth Faculty Censure School President for Shutting Down Pro-Hamas Encampment

Jamie Parsons
By Jamie Parsons 

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Dartmouth College voted to censor College President Sian Leah Beilock during a meeting on May 20.

According to The Dartmouth, school faculty voted 183-163 to censor Beilock over her response to the pro-Hamas protest May 1, where she had called on police to dismantle students’ pro-Hamas encampments on campus. The meeting was held in the Hanover Inn Grand Ballroom with 200-300 faculty members and 100 observers attending in person, and 80 faculty members attending via Zoom.

“After conversation with student protesters hoping to find a solution that avoided the need for police proved unsuccessful, I made the decision to ask the Hanover Police Department for help taking down the encampment,” Beilock wrote in a letter published by The Dartmouth.

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