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DC Comics Turns Wonder Woman Into Anti-MAGA, Anti-Christian Rant



DC Comics has been criticized multiple times by fans over the last year for its wokeness. Popular YouTuber and critic Richard C. Meyer summed up DC Comics’ work as “the comic book equivalent of a gay bar.” Despite its over-the-top changes to fan-loved characters’ sexualities, nothing has been as egregious as a recent issue of Wonder Woman by Tom King that paints Donald Trump and Christians as villains.

The comic industry has been in shambles, posting some of its lowest sales numbers of all time. Comic shops across the nation have been closing at alarming rates, and one comic shop owner, Glen O’Leary, went viral last year after ranting about shoddy writers turning well-known characters into self-inserts rather than staying true to the characterizations of the classic books.

These self-inserts often have to do with sexuality and identity politics, with DC Comics pushing hard on the LGBTQ agenda. They first experimented by turning Batman’s sidekick, Robin, bisexual. This was met with applause from the mainstream media, while fans tuned out and gave up on the book and character.

DC Comics didn’t stop there, reworking Superman into a bisexual climate activist, with several issues pushing boundaries in what appeared to be a poor publicity stunt to gain relevancy for the character. Writer Tom Taylor forced a young Superman character into a relationship with a gender-confused boy with pink hair and glasses, much to the chagrin of fans. Low sales on the book eventually led to Superman’s cancelation and rebooting.

Comic book readers thought they had the worst of it when homosexual Hollywood activist Tim Sheridan took the classic Green Lantern character and had him troll the docks in the 1930s for male prostitutes, implying that he’d known them well as some disappeared. To add further insult, the writer had The Spectre, the divine spirit of vengeance, lecture readers about how God approved of his lifestyle…


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