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Dear Joe Biden: Get the Hell Out of SpaceX’s Way



It seems like only earlier today [Iwas only earlier today, Steve —editor] that I was telling you about NASA’s duct-tape-and-bailing-wire effort to get the much-delayed Boeing Starliner up on its inaugural manned mission to the International Space Station (ISS). But while NASA and Boeing were working on workarounds to a design flaw in Starliner’s propulsion system, SpaceX was taking the lessons learned from the successes and failures of Starship’s third test flight while rapidly preparing for its fourth.

One man stands in the way of that epic test flight. His name is Joe Biden.

But before we get to Slow Joe, let’s get to the exciting Starship news that SpaceX released a couple of days ago.

Starship’s third test flight took place in March and corrected the deficiencies discovered in the first two. The spacecraft even conducted an intra-vehicle refueling test, moving volatile rocket fuel from one internal tank to another. The next step in the testing process will be to transfer fuel from one ship to another. In-flight refueling will be one of Starship’s superpowers, giving it the legs to deliver previously unimaginable amounts of mass around the inner Solar System — and eventually beyond.

Next up, according to SpaceX:

The fourth flight test turns our focus from achieving orbit to demonstrating the ability to return and reuse Starship and Super Heavy. The primary objectives will be executing a landing burn and soft splashdown in the Gulf of Mexico with the Super Heavy booster, and achieving a controlled entry of Starship.

Between test flights three and four, SpaceX made countless iterations and improvements to Starship.

This is the way…


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