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“A hate crime hoax is essentially a situation where a very high-profile hate incident turns out not to be real.”

From “Hands Up. Don’t Shoot” to “This is MAGA Country,” so-called hate crimes have become an all-too-common part of American life. Even after decades of improved race relations, there’s nothing the left loves to push more than a story that supposedly proves America’s irredeemable racism. But these are more than just slogans: They ruin the lives of real people and tear our social fabric apart. And too often, they turn out to be complete and utter lies.

The Daily Caller’s new original documentary, “Demand for Hate,” shows what happens when the demand for racial animus far outpaces the supply.

“Demand for Hate” is available to stream exclusively for Patriots subscribers. Catch a first glimpse below.

Hate crime hoaxes have become all too common in the post-George Floyd era, but the phenomenon goes back even farther. There is simply not enough hate to go around in modern America, so activists are forced to invent it. With “Demand for Hate,” the Daily Caller is fighting back against one of the most powerful narrative weapons the left uses to divide and conquer. Our investigative team traveled the country exposing how victimhood became America’s most valuable new currency…



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