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Democrats Getting Rich Off of Child Trafficking, Border Crisis

By Congressman Jim Banks 


The same Democrats who paint themselves as belonging to the pro-immigrant, humanitarian party are championing cruel policies that have left nearly five hundred thousand immigrant children separated from their parents and vulnerable to human trafficking and sexual abuse. Why would they change the status quo when they are getting rich exploiting it?

Amid the last border crisis in 2014, when staggering numbers of UACs, or Unaccompanied Alien Children, were being smuggled across the border from Latin America, then-Vice President Joe Biden told the press he was “greatly concerned by the startling number of… children and teenagers who are making a very perilous journey through Central America to reach the United States… between 75 and 80 percent — rely on very dangerous, not-nice, human-smuggling networks that transport them through Central America and Mexico to the United States.”

Biden, along with then-President Obama, supported changing the law to give those children the same treatment as UACs from Canada and Mexico. Under the proposed change, instead of allowing children from non-contiguous countries to go through the entire process of seeking asylum without any parents or guardians, they would be quickly screened and returned home to their families. In addition to reuniting children and parents, the changes would deter UACs from making the trip in the first place and greatly reduce the prevalence of human trafficking.

But something happened when the Democrats discovered what a revenue-generating opportunity this could be for them—they lost all interest in changing the law. In fact, they’ve made it much worse. When President Donald Trump was in office, his Title 42 policies meant that UACs crossing the border would be returned home to their families. One of President Biden’s first actions upon taking office was to reverse that, blocking UACs from Title 42 removal. That had the entirely predictable effect of encouraging more children to make the dangerous journey across our southern border without their parents. The number of UACs crossing our border is now five times higher than it was when President Biden first took office…



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