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Did Mossad’s Artificial Intelligence Betray Israel? … Or Did Israel Turn AI Off??

As Israel Attacks GAZA in Pursuit of Hamas, Huge Questions Remain unanswered about their Dismal Failure to Predict The Attack

More than 3 weeks have passed since the brutal attack by Hamas on Israeli settlers in several kibbutzes directly across from the Gaza Strip.

Before October 7th, 2023, Israel boasted that it had the most advanced defensive perimeter around their territory, including the most advanced Artificial Intelligence algorthyms on the planet (almost acting as if they had captured “God in a Box”), incorporating the highest technology in surveillance, radar, infrared vision and motion detection technology. According the IDF in 2021, Israel’s A.I. Defense System was the most advanced on Earth,


Three Weeks After – The Facts We Know

Below is a statement of known facts as of October 29th, 2023.

Sources: Based on testimony of Israeli citizens, both civilian witnesses and military.

The following facts are verified (and now well-known throughout Israel).

  1. The Hamas attack began at 6:39 a.m.
  2. There was no warnings issud to Israeli settlers in the target areas. No alarms or sirens were sounded nor were there any quick police responses (just as in Maui!).
  3. There was no reaction or defensive mobilization of the IDF for nearly 7 Hours.
  4. The people of Israel were not told of the attack for 12 hours, preventing family members, other militias or reservists from self-mobilizing in nearby regions of Israel from racing to rescue their loved ones or to repel the murderous invaders.
  5. One month before the attack the Israeli settlers in the targeted areas were disarmed by the Israeli government, leaving them complete;ly defenseless agains any terrorist attack.
  6. Egyptian intelligence warned Israel of the impending Hamas attack 3 days before the assault, but Netanyahu brushed it off as “fake news.”.
  7. The CIA/US State Department also warned Israel of the attack several days before.
  8. IDF soldiers, veterans, have stated that for years, everyday at dawn, the IDF conducted anti-infiltration drills along the border (with an expected IDF response time of 5 minutes).
  9. For the first time, No such drill was conducted by the IDF on October 7th, 2023, which begs 2 questions → “Who cancelled it?” and “Why was it cancelled?”
  10. Three (3) surveillance balloons containing the most advanced long distance surveillance camera equipment, including heat and motion sensing devices were integrated into Israel’s Artifical Intelligence defense system, which stretched all along the border and precisely where the incursions occurred. The IDF had more than a month to replace or repair the 3 balloons. Nothing was done.
  11. A slow and lumbering bull dozer (top speed 6.3 mph) crawled across “No man’s land” from Gaza City to approach the fence “unseen,” undetected and unimpeded while surrounded by hundreds of jeering Jihadis marching in train, ready to pounce through any gap in the fence. The bulldozer plowed back and forth repeatedly to uproot steel girders that supported the fence.
  12. For nearly an hour, the bulldozer with hundreds of Jihadis waiting behind it was allowed to ram the fence repeatedly and to plow against border defenses to tear holes in the fence.
  13. There were fifteen (15) breeches torn open through Israeli border defenses and, with the exception of a few policemen, with a few self-mobilized local IDF reservists and militia members, none of the break-ins drew a defensive response or counter attack from the IDF until it was too late.
  14. Companies of Israeli IDF soldiers usually stationed in the area of the attack had been moved out days before and sent to the West Bank.
  15. IDF defensive units were ordered to “Stand Down” <aka “Do Nothing!”> for 7 hours or more before being mobilized as the assault, multiple rapes, hundreds of murders, beheadings, arson and abductions were being conducted undetected, uninterrupted, unimpeded.
  16. Isreal’s vaunted Artificial Intelligence defense system, which was praised as a major success in 2021 completely FAILED to Respond.


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