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Don’t Miss The Synthetic Biology Webinar! – With Celeste Solum.


The Synthetic Biology Webinar

With Celeste Solum 

8 Modules, 850 slides, 6 months of research plus


Module 1:  The Light:

Module 2:  SynBio

Module 3:  SynBio in Food Supply:

Module 4:  Coming this week:  Real State of the Food Supply:  (In Gov Own Words)  Synthetic Biology, Agroterrorism, and Government Plans

Module 5:  Poison Re-Imaged Food

Module 6  Exposing Naked SynBio:  Understanding this new language

Module 7:  Exposing Naked SynBio Part 2

Module 8:  Overcoming, Standing, and Warring Against Satanic SynBio

Synbio News

Synthetic Biology Goes Enzymatic

Advances in Luciferase

SynBio Bytes: SynBio 3-minute




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