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Duh-Mocracy: Deceased Woman Wins Republican Nomination For Indiana’s 7th Congressional District

by Jacob M. Thompson


The Indiana Republican Party did not indicate when they found out about Pace’s passing.

The following report is by WTHR 13:

Democratic incumbent Congressman André Carson easily won the Democratic nomination for Indiana’s 7th Congressional District, with 91% of the vote Tuesday night.

The Republican candidate, Jennifer Pace, who voters chose to run against Carson in November, received 31%.

There’s only one problem, though — Pace is deceased.

The Marion County Voter Registration Office says they got word in late April that they needed to take Pace off the voter registration rolls because she had passed away.

That’s the same Jennifer Pace who was also on the primary ballot Tuesday, along with three other candidates vying to win the Republican nomination this November to run for the 7th District Congressional seat.

Carson has served nine terms in the office.

“It’s incredibly unusual. It’s unfortunate. I feel like it’s uncomfortable, quite frankly,” UIndy political science professor Dr. Laura Wilson said.

Tuesday was the first time Wilson said she heard about Pace’s passing.

“I heard it from several people that were watching elections, and some of the political analysts say, ‘Hey, can you believe this woman’s winning right now?’ and it was pretty incredible in terms of circumstances,” Wilson said, explaining it became even more incredible when the Associated Press declared Wednesday that Pace had won the Republican nomination. “There are times candidates pass away and they don’t win. It’s inconsequential. That’s what makes this different. ..



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