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Elvish Yadav’s shocking confession! ‘Bigg Boss OTT 2’ winner admits to arranging snake venom at rave parties

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Elvish Yadav, a popular YouTuber and winner of ‘Bigg Boss OTT 2’, has confessed to arranging snake venom for rave parties following his arrest in Noida. His admission comes after initial denials and has led to legal charges under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act. This revelation is a significant development in a case that also involves previous arrests related to snake venom supply.

YouTuber and 'Bigg Boss OTT 2' winner Elvish Yadav

In a recent development, YouTuber and ‘Bigg Boss OTT 2’ winner Elvish Yadav has reportedly admitted to arranging snake venom for rave parties, just hours after his arrest in Noida. The news comes after a police source revealed details of Elvish’s confession regarding his involvement in supplying snake venom to parties.

According to NDTV, Elvish confessed to arranging snakes and snake venom at rave parties he had organised in the past, acknowledging his association with individuals arrested in connection with the same case last year. This admission follows Elvish’s initial denial of these allegations.

The confession has serious legal implications as Elvish now faces charges under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, particularly under Section 29, which addresses drug-related conspiracies involving buying and selling. Securing bail under this law is known to be challenging.

The Snake Venom Case Unfolded

Elvish Yadav’s name surfaced in connection with the snake venom case last year when a group of individuals was apprehended for their involvement in a rave party in Noida sector 49…


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