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EXCLUSIVEThe haunting connection between UFOs and America’s nuclear weapons is laid bare in fascinating new study which concludes: They’re trying to stop us from annihilating ourselves


Do they come in peace? The question has hung over the UFO mystery forever, but a new study comes closer to an answer than ever before.

Since the United States detonated its first atomic bomb at the Trinity test site in 1945, dozens of accounts of UFOs have been logged by military witnesses and government scientists working with America’s sensitive nuclear arsenal.

Skeptics have often turned to questioning the veracity and the memories of these military witnesses, or blaming faulty equipment.

But the connection between UFOs and nuclear sites has persisted in IndiaRussia and elsewhere across the globe, leading many to wonder: are aliens stopping us from exterminating ourselves?

UFO sightings over America's nuclear arsenal appeared to shift their interest from the making of the bombs to silos and bomber bases as the Cold War arms race grew (above)

UFO sightings over America’s nuclear arsenal appeared to shift their interest from the making of the bombs to silos and bomber bases as the Cold War arms race grew (above)

Now a new, decades-long study has analyzed over 500 of the best supported UFO cases from the heights of the Cold War and hauntingly concluded: ‘This intelligence understands atomics, and they understand atomic weaponry.’

UFO reports over America’s nuclear arsenal appeared to shift from sites where the bombs were made to missile silos and US air bases as the Cold War arms race grew.

That’s one of the key findings from the new work, a series of three studies led by a retired US Air Force staff sergeant, Larry Hancock, and a data analyst affiliate with Harvard’s UFO-hunting Galileo Project, Ian Porritt, along with their research team.

The group focused their analysis on official military and police reports of UFOs from 1945 to 1975, avoiding poorly supported accounts and ambiguous newspaper stories, to focus on cases with multiple witnesses and signals evidence, like radar.

Their study, which only covered US cases, also used reports of UFOs spotted above non-nuclear army bases and nearby civilian centers to act as control groups to test against their findings of any UFO trends at America’s sensitive nuclear installations.

Their qualified, but haunting conclusion: Data from this three decade-long period lends credence to the idea that extraterrestrials, or some other intelligence, has methodically surveilled America’s rise to a nuclear power


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