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Family of N.C. Teen Suspended for Correctly Using ‘Alien’ Sues School Board

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‘These two students, by all indications had no issues with each other. It’s the administrators at the school who escalated this into national news and a racial incident…’

North Carolina parents withdrew their teen from school and sued a school district it says unfairly issued a suspension and “injected race” into a question of clarification from an English teacher about the vocabulary word alien.

The Davidson County School District Board of Education is the defendant sued by Christian McGhee, a 16-year-old at Central Davidson High in Lexington, and his parents Leah and Chad McGhee.

The Liberty Justice Center, based in Chicago, and Raleigh-area lawyers Troy Shelton and Craig Schauer are counsel for the plaintiffs for the case filed Tuesday morning in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina.

The lawsuit asks for full clearance and removal of the mark on McGhee’s record. Damages in an amount to be determined at trial are also being sought.

“It impacts, every student in the country, and their right to speak without fear of aggressive retaliation from their administration,” said Dean McGee (no relation to the family), educational freedom attorney at the Liberty Justice Center, in an exclusive interview Tuesday morning with the Center Square.

“In this case, our client, in the context of the conversation, asked a question that on its face was racially neutral,” he added. “It was earnest in the class discussion.”

As Leah McGhee previously told Headline USA, it was not until later in the day that her son was called into the office and accused of any wrongdoing.

“From there, the administration fabricated a racial incident, and had the audacity to tell a Hispanic student who said he was not offended that he should have been offended,” said McGee, the LJC attorney. “We want to make sure this doesn’t happen again.”

The lawsuit says McGhee’s right to free speech, right to education and right to due process have all been violated by the school district. Response from the school district is being sought by The Center Square…



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