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Famous Jewish Screenwriter Calls For Open Violence And Torture Against Antisemites: ‘Let Them Fear Us’

by Jacob M. Thompson


The author has also announced he will be returning to Israel. “Together we’ll build something even better than before,” he says.

Lee Kern, an acclaimed Jewish screenwriter and poet whose work has earned Grammy nominations and a Golden Globe Award, called for open violence against anyone who is seen as an “antisemite,” demanding that Jews around the world rise up and make them “fear us” by seeking vengeance.

In the wake of pro-Palestinian protests and demonstrations taking place across U.S. universities since April, and with angst growing more and more by the day around the world, Kern, who is also a British citizen, is now calling upon Jews to become violent against one who is an antisemite.

Published on April 17th on his Substack page, Kern wrote a piece titled “HURT – DON’T HEAL THE ANTISEMITE.” He begins his letter by writing, “The attempt to disabuse the world of antisemitism has been a monumental failure.” He went on to say that since antisemitic acts and vitriol acts against Jews are on the rise, he suggests “to increase our safety we need a new approach.”

This approach is no longer educating the world about the Holocaust and Jewish traditions, hoping the world will accept them, and instead of teaching peace he advocates violence. Kern wrote in his article:

The future of Jewish safety is not in teaching the world to be better people – but in teaching them to watch their step. We need to stop attempting to teach our haters to be nice to us, but rather teach them there’s a cost to their transgressions. Putting it bluntly: we need to teach the world that we will f*** up anyone who tries to hurt us. That is the lesson we need to be pushing. It matters not one jot that they know where antisemitism leads for the Jews. We need to show them where antisemitism leads for them, the perpetrators of antisemitism.

They don’t need to know what happened to the Jews in Auschwitz so much as they need to know what happened to the Nazis. They need to know the Nazis got f***** up, killed and destroyed. They need to know that Germany got levelled, destroyed and went up in flames. They need to know that German bodies and minds got broken beyond recognition. Antisemites need to know what happens to the antisemite – not the Jew. And we need to show them.

Those who attempt to kill us must be neutralised – and perpetrators of antisemitic speech and action need to have their lives attacked and diminished so that they experience the greatest personal cost we can extract. They need to suffer consequences to their reputations and their livelihoods. They must be shamed, exposed, humiliated, damaged and degraded. They must experience emotional and mental discomfort. The law must be used to punish them. They must lose their freedom if applicable.

Whatever means is available to hurt them should be used to the fullest extent. Their suffering must be harsh and without pity and serve as a deterrent to others. If others don’t pay heed to that deterrent – then they must also suffer. And it must be without pity.

Do we risk antisemites not liking us? They already hate us. Now let them fear us.

And some of you must stop this narcissistic impulse to want to redeem your abusers. This has nothing to with making the world better. It’s about satisfying your saviour complex and making you feel self-righteous. Stop prioritising your abusers. That in itself is a symptom of the abuse you’ve experienced. You have every right to prioritise yourself. Your abuser has not earned a right to your ongoing time and energy.

Furthermore, trying to generate a couple of feel-good stories about an antisemite turned good is an inefficient use of our resources – something we can ill afford when so many active enemies must be thwarted…



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