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The string-pullers of American society learned a long time ago that by resorting to dramatic memes, the attention and devotion of Americans to any idea could be quickly obtained. Think of the American revolutionary call to arms of “Freedom” and “Liberty” and “All men are created equal.” These are all vague pronouncements not backed up by any facts but nevertheless quickly absorbed by the American mainstream as existential truths that must be defended to the last drop of blood. Too bad it ain’t so.

The term “Fascism” came into modern usage by way of Italian leader Mussolini in late 1922, as Italy was under Communist attack following the successful takeover of Russia by the Communists, transforming even the name of that country from Russia to the Soviet Union. “Communism” which is a term sometimes ascribed to New York banker Jacob Schiff, wishing to give his bloody destruction of the moral order a higher political caste, has multiple interpretations. And since Schiff was paying, it was quickly adopted.

“Fascism” on the other hand is derived from the Roman word “Fasces” which were bundles of rods carried by Lictors accompanying high Roman officials on their rounds. Sort of a portable court. And when a lawbreaker was encountered the rods were untied and used to beat the offender. If the official was outside of the Pomerium, outside the walls of official Rome, as in DC in the United States, then an axe was added offering the option of beheading should the offense rise to that level.

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