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Footage has been published in which fragments from the explosion of an FPV drone completely missed a Russian fighter

By Top War


Footage has been published online showing cases of incredible luck that sometimes take place on the battlefield. Ukrainian FPV fragmentation field drone, detonated by point-blank fire, completely passed the Russian fighter without causing him any harm.

In the footage you can see how a serviceman of the Russian Armed Forces hits with a rifle weapons an enemy FPV drone flying straight at him, after which it explodes at a distance of a few meters from the Russian fighter. It is also clearly visible that fragments from the ammunition installed on the drone scattered without hitting the Russian fighter.

Unmanned systems are gradually being improved: Russian engineers have created the world’s first ground-based FPV kamikaze drone “Depesha”, capable of hitting enemy personnel and equipment, as well as concrete anti-tank fortifications of the “dragon’s teeth” type.

According to the press service of the Rostec state corporation, the Depesha multifunctional ground drone is assembled on a tracked platform and is controlled by the operator using a joystick and an FPV helmet.

One of the most important characteristics of the new product, in addition to its compactness and high maneuverability, according to the developers, is it carrying capacity of 150 kilograms. This allows you to quickly and unnoticed by the enemy deliver ammunition, provisions and fuel to forward positions, as well as evacuate wounded soldiers to the rear…


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