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Footage of Hamas using the Chinese Red Arrow ATGM against Israeli armored vehicles has been published.

By Top War


The militant wing of the Palestinian Hamas movement for the first time published footage of the use of the Chinese HJ-8L Red Arrow anti-tank missile system against the Israeli engineering vehicle Namer CEV.

Footage taken near the city of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip shows Palestinians firing a Chinese-made anti-tank missile at IDF armored vehicles. However, it is unknown how Hamas ended up with a Chinese anti-tank missile system. The HJ-8 ATGM was previously exported to various countries and used in armed conflicts in Yugoslavia, Sudan and Sri Lanka.



Currently, active clashes between the IDF and Palestinian resistance forces continue in Rafah. Israeli army units managed to expand the zone of control in the central and northern parts of the city and take possession of approximately a third of the territory of the settlement. In central Rafah, Israeli units are fighting in the Al-Shaboura camp. Meanwhile, Palestinian forces regularly claim successful ambushes of the IDF in this area.

On the northern flank of the line of contact in Rafah, Israeli army units advanced into the Saudi quarter of Tell al-Sultan, where the main target is the Al-Quds University building, where one of the Hamas bases is believed to be located. In addition, IDF units are being consolidated in positions south of the Taybe Mosque. According to Palestinian sources, the IDF regularly attempts attacks in Rafah’s coastal Al-Mawasi area…


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