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‘Frightening’: 2 psychologists claim it’s TRUMP with mental problem

Say president believes ‘he has some type of God-like powers’

Bob Unruh
By Bob Unruh

Amid all the evidence developing of Joe Biden’s mental decline, two leftists who long have been activists against President Trump, spreading information about him even though they’ve never had him as a patient, or encountered him in any other clinical setting, say he’s the one with the “frightening” problem, as the Daily Mail described it.

They have claimed that Trump’s cognition will “decline,” and his “personality trait” will get worse.

The two are John Gartner, who online calls himself a member of “The Resistance” against President Trump. He describes how he was “sounding the alarm” about Trump “every day.”

He has imputed to Trump the belief “that he has some type of God-like powers” and charges he’s showing “gross signs of dementia.”

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One Comment

  1. doug doug May 15, 2024

    And “EVERYONE” needs a physiologist?? Right??? Or Not!!

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