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Gaza War of Annihilation

Unresolved Palestinian Dispute

For the last 76 years, the US led West has remained obsessed with the safety and security of Israel, which was created in 1948. It was the brainchild of Zionist Rothchild, and conceived in the form of the British-French inspired Balfour Declaration in 1917. The plan was executed by the British on Oct 7, 1948 by handing over 56% of Palestine to the Jewish settlers and 7,50,000 Palestinians were forced to leave their lands, businesses, properties, homes and hearths and to live as refugees in Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Egypt for the rest of their lives.

Israel made a Monster in Middle East

The US and Europe have been pandering to each and every legal and mostly illegal demands and fulfilling them unquestioningly. Israel receives the largest annual grant ($ 3 billion) annually. To offset Israel’s unfounded security fears, which it keeps hyping, it is heaped with sophisticated arms, equipment and technology including missile & nuclear technology and best air defence system. It has been made into a super power and it has been boasting of being impregnable and invincible.

Apart from material assistance, Israel was allowed to expand its frontiers at the cost of its neighbours to make its frontiers safe. Annexations made in the 1967 war included Golan Heights and East Jerusalem in Syria, West Bank in Jordan, Gaza and Sinai in Egypt.

Israel has nibbled 92% of Palestinian territories and is now eying at the remaining 8% in Gaza and West Bank (WB). With this ambition in mind, Israel shunned a two-state solution agreed upon in the 1992 Oslo Accord and now wants a One-State solution.

The change came after the Abrahams Accord brokered by Donald Trump administration with the 22-member Arab League in 2020, which prompted several Arab States to recognise Israel and others are standing in line to embrace Israel and to ditch Palestinian issue. This Accord was the trigger-point which impelled Hamas to launch the three-pronged suicide attacks into Israel on 7 Oct last year.

Those daring acts were undertaken by the Hamas and Islamic Jihad fighters to awaken the dead conscience of the world, the Arabs and the Muslim world and to reinvigorate the two-state solution. The attackers captured spaces in southern Israel, inflicted 1170 casualties, and took 250 hostages. 128 including 36 military men are still in the custody of Hamas. The Israelis blamed the agencies for intelligence and military failures.

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