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George Washington University Now Begging DC Police for Help as Student Protesters Start Calling for the BEHEADING of School President and Trustees (VIDEO)

Pro-Hamas student protesters at George Washington University are now openly calling for the beheading of the school president and members of the board of trustees.

They allowed this situation to go on for too long and now it’s completely out of control.

As you’ll see in the video below, these students are actually chanting ‘Guillotine, Guillotine!’

NBC 15 News reports:

GW president says school needs help from DC police as protesters call for beheadings

The president of George Washington University said late Sunday night her school needs the help of local police to restore law and order as anti-Israel encampment activities continue.

GW President Ellen Granberg’s released a statement Sunday denouncing the encampment degeneration over the weekend. Granberg also said the school cannot restore order without the help of Washington’s Metropolitan Police Department (MPD).

“The demonstration, like many around the country, has grown into what can only be classified as an illegal and potentially dangerous occupation of GW property,” Gransberg said. “It is also essential to highlight that at no point was this encampment lawful.”…

Social media video surfaced over the weekend of an encampment activity called “People’s Tribunal” where GW protesters acted out sentencing senior university officials to death.

This mock court was held for GWU’s board of trustees and for the school’s president, shouting for these individuals to be beheaded.

“To the guillotine,” protesters said.

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