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Gorilla At St. Louis Zoo, Where Animals Received Covid Shots, Dies After Suffering Heart Attack

 Anthony T


A well-loved gorilla at a St. Louis Zoo has died after having heart problems.

The gorilla that died was named Little Joe and died late Saturday night after suffering a heart attack.

Little Joe was 26 years old.

Previously, it was reported the St. Louis Zoo launched a “preventative care” effort and administered COVID-19 vaccines to the ape population.

Here’s a video of St. Louis Zoo Director of Animal Health Sathya Chinnadurai explaining the COVID-19 vaccine administering process for its animals:

Per Yahoo News:

A gorilla died late Saturday night at the Saint Louis Zoo. Joe was around 26 years old. The Saint Louis Zoo posted this message to patrons on social media:

“It is with incredible sadness we share that western lowland gorilla Little Joe, who had been in treatment for heart disease, died of a heart attack overnight May 4th.

Joe’s wonderful personality and lovable grumpy face endeared him to all who knew him. He will be greatly missed.”

The gorilla was known for his intelligence. Signs at the Saint Louis Zoo call him Joe, The Professor, and he used tools. Many zoo visitors witnessed Joe observe them behind the glass wall. You may remember him for his distinctive look with a half-red and half-bald head.

Joe’s best friend, Jontu recently moved to Chicago. The 26-year-old gorilla was exchanged for 7-year-old Zachary of Brookfield Zoo…



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