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Gun Grabbers Just Launched a Sickening Attack on America’s Troops

By Kayleigh Hamilton

America’s troops sacrificed everything for our country, but now they are under attack.

Their rights are on the verge of getting stripped away.

Gun grabbers have put a target on the back of American service members and veterans.

If anyone deserves to have their gun rights protected without being hassled by the government, it’s veterans.

Not only have they made enormous sacrifices for our country, but they are also extremely well-trained in how to handle firearms and can be trusted to do so without interference by the state.

Veterans are quite literally the last group who should have their rights taken away. But they are the number one group that is currently being targeted by the gun control lobby.

Why the gun grabbers are so keen on attacking veterans is anyone’s guess, but that is exactly what is going on right now in the halls of Congress.

If they succeed, it will be nothing short of a catastrophe for veterans who served our country, as they will be stripped of a core constitutional right.

And the battle is on in the federal government between those who think veterans should have gun rights, and those who do not.

According to The Hill, “Congress has created an ‘enormous threat to the safety and well-being of veterans’ by blocking Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) reports of mental incompetency from entering the federal background check system, gun reform groups said in a letter to lawmakers this week.”

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