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Healthy Student Athlete Develops Myocarditis Days After Second Jab, Warns America About Biden’s Medical Dictatorship

By JD Rucker

John Stokes is not alone. The otherwise-healthy student athlete developed myocarditis and is currently hospitalized. He developed these heart issues immediately after taking the second jab

“I got the second Covid shot Tuesday and within four days I had been diagnosed with myocarditis,” he said. “And I was told I probably won’t be able to play my senior season now.”

We’ve seen dozens of these stories on TikTok, Twitter, and other platforms, though Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube tend to delete or suppress them. The ones they do not take down are the videos of students or parents continuing to push the vaccines despite the adverse reactions being reported. Stokes is not among those people. He came out and blamed getting vaxxed for his current situation.

“It is a side-effect from the Covid vaccine and it’s really not being reported or addressed,” he continued. “It is a serious issue that we should all be informed about before making this decision.”

Last week, Joe Biden announced mandates for vaccinations. All federal employees must get vaxxed or else. Businesses with over 100 employees are also required to make sure their employees are either vaxxed or have weekly Covid tests. According to Stokes, this is definitely the wrong approach.

“It isn’t right for people to be forced to take the vaccine because there are actual side-effects like this that could happen to you,” he said.

@john.stokesSerious heart complications from the Vaccine♬ original sound – John Stokes

This disease has an extremely high recovery rate for people under the age of 50. As for young people like Stokes, the risks from Covid-19 are negligible. Nevertheless, the push for universal vaccinations have fueled the largest and most widespread propaganda campaign in American history. Government, mainstream media, Big Tech, academia, and most medical organizations are in lockstep as they promote Big Pharma’s agenda.

As Paul Joseph Watson from Summit News reported, young males are especially susceptible to the adverse reactions the vaccines cause:

Study Finds Teenage Boys Six Times More Likely to Suffer Heart Problems From Vaccine Than be Hospitalized by COVID

Research conducted by the University of California has found that teenage boys are six times more likely to suffer from heart problems caused by the COVID-19 vaccine than to be hospitalized as a result of COVID-19 itself.


“A team led by Dr Tracy Hoeg at the University of California investigated the rate of cardiac myocarditis – heart inflammation – and chest pain in children aged 12-17 following their second dose of the vaccine,” reports the Telegraph.

“They then compared this with the likelihood of children needing hospital treatment owing to Covid-19, at times of low, moderate and high rates of hospitalisation.”

“Researchers found that the risk of heart complications for boys aged 12-15 following the vaccine was 162.2 per million, which was the highest out of all the groups they looked at.”

This compares to the risk of a healthy boy being hospitalized as a result of a COVID infection, which is around 26.7 per million, meaning the risk they face from the vaccine is 6.1 times higher.

Even during high risk rates of COVID, such as in January this year, the threat posed by the vaccine is 4.3 times higher, while during low risk rates, the risk of teenage boys suffering a “cardiac adverse event” from the vaccine is a whopping 22.8 times higher.

Stokes, a senior golfer at Tennessee State University, asked people to make themselves informed as there is so little coverage of the reactions to the vaccines. His video on TikTok has over two million views. His latest video, posted from the hospital yesterday, shows him responding to skeptics who didn’t see the heart monitor in the original video.

Whether it’s Ivermectin, adverse reactions to the vaccines, or scientific studies against lockdowns and face masks, the Mainstream Media Industrial Complex is suppressing it all. John Stokes’ story needs to be shared.

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