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Here’s the REAL Reason the Soros-Bought NYC Prosecutor Put Trump on Trial. Try Not to Laugh.



There’s nothing at all funny about putting a former president of the United States of America on trial for misdemeanor record-keeping offenses and turning those into felonies through a badly done magic trick. The underlying reason why the George Soros-selected prosecutor put Donald Trump on trial starting Monday, however, is yet another reason why this case should be laughed out of court.

The avowed Trump-hating prosecutor, Alvin Bragg, is part of the effort by the left to tie up the former president in court so he can’t campaign for president. Additionally, they hope that by ringing up all manner of charges against Trump, they’ll smear his reputation. Indeed, Marc Elias, 65 Project, Media Matters, and all of David Brock’s smear machines, with the consent of the Biden Justice Department, have been put into service to get Trump.

There are many problems with Bragg’s case, among them the statute of limitations issues, the unethical way he stacked the indictments, duct-taping a federal statute onto these New York misdemeanors to create a “criminal” case, the fact that non-disclosure agreements are legal instruments unless they attempt to cover up a crime, and reporting that work done by Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen, was laid out as work done by an attorney.

Quick! Get the cops!

But wait, Bragg doesn’t want the cops involved in any misdemeanors (or felonies, for that matter) because, as a Soros DA, there’s almost no crime he’s willing to prosecute. Note the illegal alien thugs who recently beat up New York cops and walked out free men within hours. This is the kind of prosecutor we’re dealing with here.

Why aren’t the cases of black men punching white women in the face on New York streets prosecuted as “hate” crimes? Bragg’s office actually freed one of those suspects, who then committed more assaults. Bragg didn’t even consider ringing Stormy Daniels up for threatening to tell all about Trump unless he paid her money while breaking her NDA contract. That’s called extortion…


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