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Hero Mike Lindell Reveals He Is Funding Kari Lake’s Election Lawsuit – Crowd Bursts Into Applause [VIDEO]

By Patty McMurray


Mike Lindell has been relentlessly investigating the 2020 election.

For that, he’s been attacked by the media, had his MyPillow products removed from stores, and had his phone confiscated by the FBI.

But Mike hasn’t stopped – in fact; he doubled down.

Mike just revealed to Steve Bannon that he is funding Kari Lake’s election lawsuit in Arizona – when he announced it, the crowd burst into applause.

Watch (transcript below):

From the video:

Steve Bannon: Is the rumors true? Are you putting up the money here for Kari Lake in all of the fights here?

Mike Lindell: Yes. No, I am . . . The Lindell Legal Offense Fund.

Steve Bannon/Jack Posobiec: Can we give it up for Mike? Let’s give it up for Mike Lindell!


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