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Hilarious and Scary Scenes Unfold As Biden ‘Attends’ White House ‘Juneteenth’ Event

By Bonchie 


It’s still nine days to this year’s “Juneteenth,” but the Biden administration is getting an early start on the pandering. It is an election year, after all.

A large event was held on the White House lawn, and Joe Biden was in attendance. What followed were several scenes that managed to be both equally hilarious and scary. You want to laugh, but then you remember this is the President of the United States.

My favorite part is where he just gives up at the end because he simply can’t clap on beat. Remember, this is a guy who claims he grew up attending black churches. If you’re from the South, you can tell that dude has never stepped foot inside a black church just by looking at him.

There’s a lot I could point out about this. For example, the fact that Biden’s arms are atrophied by his side as he attempts to manufacture some form of emotion without actually moving. And yeah, that’s a guy in a sequin dress sitting three chairs down from him because, of course, it is. There’s even an extremely awkward fist bump in which Biden appears to blank out for a moment.

But it’s the eyes that really get me. Somehow, while standing outside, he manages to go the first 34 seconds of that video without blinking. Whatever they have him on is strong stuff…


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