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History’s Biggest Genocidal Psyop: The Authoritarian Plot Behind Lockdown Until Vaccination

By Tim Brown 


Over the past four years of the era of CONvid-1984, it has been amazing to many of us to watch and millions of people worldwide just submitted to authoritarians who demanded they wear masks, stay away from each other and even inject unsafe and uneffective deadly poisons into their bodies in order to stop and invisible boogeyman.  Yet, this is exactly what happened and tens, if not hundreds, of millions have been injured as millions have died from those poisons.

So, what was all the motivation behind history’s biggest psyop?

The Brownstone Institute‘s Jeffrey Tucker lays it out in this report.

Four years later, many people are investigating how our lives were completely upended by a pandemic response. Over my time on the case, I’ve heard countless theories. It was Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Finance, the Green New Deal, the CCP, Depopulation, Get Trump, Mail-In Ballots, and so on.

There is evidence to back them all.

The problem with having so many pieces of evidence and so many theories is that people can too easily get thrown off track, going on wild goose chases. It’s too much to follow through consistently, and this allows the perpetrators to hide their deeds. 

For such situations, we can take recourse to Occam’s razor: the best explanation is the simplest one that explains the maximum number of facts. This is what I offer here.

Those in the know will be shocked by nothing herein. Those not in the know will be amazed at the audaciousness of the entire scheme. If it is true, there are surely documents and people who can confirm this. At least this model of thinking will assist in guiding thinking and research.

There are three parts to understanding what took place…


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