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How A Chabad Rabbi Tricked ‘Neo-Nazi’ Frank Meeink Into Believing He Was Actually ‘Jewish’

Former “neo-nazi” — Frank Meeink — whose life inspired Edward Norton’s character in the movie American History X — became convinced he was actually Jewish after a Chabad-Lubavitch rabbi told him that he “looked Jewish” — and that his last name “sounded” Jewish:

“The former white supremacist and neo-Nazi who inspired Edward Norton’s skinhead character in “American History X” is now an observant Jew after discovering Jewish heritage through DNA testing.

Frank Meeink was a leader of a violent Aryan skinhead gang in the early 1990s that believed in inciting a race war.

Now, at 48, Meeink prays three times a day wearing the tefillin and tallit of observant Jews, goes to Torah study classes three times a week, keeps kosher and attends synagogue.

Meeink was prompted to take a DNA test after (((a friend))) commented that he “looked Jewish”.

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