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Hunter Biden’s Laptop Is SO REAL It Will Be Used as Evidence in His Gun Trial



My, we have come such a long way when it comes to how the Democrats, and by that I include the legacy media, have treated the Hunter Biden laptop story. 

Here are some of the plot points of this story:

  • First, Hunter left three laptops with a Delaware Mac repair shop and forgot to pick up one of them.
  • Then the FBI got a copy of the laptop in 2019 and pretended it didn’t exist.
  • Then the intelligence community, knowing it could be a storyline in the 2020 election, “pre-bunked” the content of the laptop at an Aspen gathering, telling journalists invited to the yearly confab that if they heard anything about the laptop, they should know it was “hacked” and should disregard it as disinformation.
  • Then it was dismissed as Russian disinformation and anyone reporting the story was a Putin poodle.
  • Then they got social media companies to censor the story and any outlet that reported it.
  • Then before the 2020 election, the worst secretary of State of all time got 51 lying politicians who used to work at the CIA and other spook agencies to say it sure looked like Russian disinformation.
  • Then its existence was a right-wing conspiracy theory.
  • Then Hunter’s legal team confirmed its veracity in court papers.
  • Then the Biden poodle who had been “investigating” Hunter for years was caught doing nothing.
  • Then he looked at it to discover there were Mann Act and “gun use crimes while high on crack” evidence on the laptop.
  • Then whistleblowers highlighted Hunter’s lawbreaking.
  • Then this week the laptop was real, and its contents will be used as evidence in Hunter’s upcoming gun trial.
  • Then the 53-year-old Biden said that his computer was hacked.

This is an example of legacy media treatment of stories that make their side look bad. Thank you to Elon Musk for highlighting this on his X platform…



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